Secrets That None of the NYC Plumbers Would Ever Reveal

Secrets That None of the NYC Plumbers Would Ever Reveal

All of us know that you need timely help from good and reliable plumbing companies in NYC not only to fix leaky pipes and jammed faucets but also to save on power and water bills. Anyone staying in New York can confirm that if you can save on utility bills, you are actually saving a lot of money as this city is known to be expensive to most. But even then, there are ways to save even more money and that is to minimize the numbers of calls made to NYC plumbers as much as possible. This means that there are various mistakes we make every day, which invite more plumbing problems. They usually start as minor issues but soon snowball into some catastrophe of sorts. Once you know what they are, try and avoid making them.

A Plumber at work.

A Plumber at work. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Be that as it may, when you do call the master plumber Manhattan, he is sure to tell you several Do’s and Don’ts regarding proper upkeep of the plumbing network of the house and would also show you where the main water pipe valve is located in case you ever want to stop the water circulation in the house to do some repair – but there are still some mistakes made regularly by the homeowner which makes the average plumber in NYC earn his daily bread and bacon. These are his trade secrets and you would never learn from him what to do and to avoid.

Here are some lessons for us to learn which can be implemented if we want to minimize the number of visits from the plumber New York City:

  1. Stop the habit of drying wet clothes in the open pipes usually located in the basement. They corrode, break and cause flooding of the basement.
  2. If you replace an old toilet seat make sure that the bolts are unscrewed and not hacked off – they could make sitting painful and injurious, compelling you to call one of the plumbing companies in NYC.
  3. Understand that is highly likely that of the total value of a job, 25 to 30% is the cost of materials charged by NYC plumbers. The rest of the money is paid by you for his experience and the equity his company enjoys in the market.
  4. There are a few steps you could take in winter to avoid taken help from any of the plumbing companies in NYC. The first step is to ensure that the faucets located outside the house are turned off and all hoses are disconnected. Without shutting off the water source from inside, all you need to do is to open the necessary valve outside to allow the inside water to drain out. If these switches can be turned in opposite directions, it actually means that while one is closed, the other would always be open. This can prevent frozen pipes – a common occasion when we need plumbers to fix the problem. Incidentally this simple job could cost you anywhere between $100 and $200 of a plumber did it.
  5. If you are leaving home for a holiday, etc., switch off all water inlets. If the temperature reaches sub-zero levels while you are out, call a friend to come and look up your home. This can go a long way in preventing any flooding in the house.
  6. Hire only those NYC plumbers who would provide warranty for the job they have completed. Though completing a project by a reputed plumber New York City might appear expensive, it pays in the long run, in terms of repeated maintenance, etc.
  7. Never ignore water drips even if they are small. You need to hire the services of a professional plumber in NYC when the magnitude is small. But when water continuously drips for the whole day, you could be losing close to 8 gallons and a leaky toilet could mean a loss of almost 200 gallons every day. Do not be surprised at the water bill when you see it.
  8. Many reputed NYC plumbers do small jobs free, but only after you have paid the total amount for the big job that you had called them for. Such minor jobs include checking water pressure, leaky sink pipes, etc.

As is evident, we may be able to access the best NYC plumbers, but if we can avoid making certain common mistakes, who knows, we may not need plumbing service for a long time!


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