Advice for Fixing a Plumbing Emergency in NYC

A plumbing emergency is one of the worst nightmares faced by residents in their homes. Blocked toilets and pipes gushing dirty water are just two of the scenarios that require urgent attention. When plumbing emergencies hit, you cannot afford to waste time scratching your head and tinkering with the problem on the sidelines as your residence rapidly fills with sewage. Time is of the essence and the only thing for it is to find a plumber to fix things as soon as you possibly can.


If you live in NYC, plumbing emergencies should be addressed by swift recourse to the Yellow Pages or by logging on to the internet. Contractors who fix plumbing, NYC-wide and beyond, can be found in a heartbeat by performing a quick-fire Google search. However, residents are advised that they should be cautious and not simply engage plumbing companies in NYC without first establishing a few things to their satisfaction. You should remember that, just because a contractor appeared at the top of the results when you searched for, say, “emergency plumbing NYC”, it doesn’t mean he or she is the best one for the job. Although you may desire a swift solution, you are likely to secure a better outcome if you shop around.

If you have an urgent plumbing issue, it is important to find firms that do 24 hour plumbing. NYC is full of such firms but can they all be trusted to do solid, professional work? With regard to plumbing, NYC regulates contractors and compels them to get a license before they are legally permitted to ply their trade as plumbers. Any contractor who appears to lack a plumbing NYC license should be avoided as you cannot be sure what standard of work you will get from them.

There is a second major issue when finding someone to fix an issue with your plumbing. NYC is full of plumbers but the prices they charge do vary quite a bit. In many cases, you will find a list of charges presented very openly and conveniently on the contractor website. However, there are some contractors who see fit not to publish their prices, so in such cases full details of prices should be ascertained BEFORE you sign on the dotted line to have the job done. If you do not get a quotation for the work, it is no use complaining when presented with the bill. You should at least get an estimated quote in advance so you have a ball park figure for what the work will cost.

When fixing plumbing in NYC, it is also advisable to secure an undertaking from the contractor that he or she will come back if the fault rears its ugly ahead again within a certain time frame. As a consumer, you have the right to expect that a contractor should fix the plumbing problem in a satisfactory manner – if for some reason he or she has to come back again, you should not get thumped with a second bill.

It is fair to say that, when it comes to finding contractors who fix plumbing, NYC residents are better off than most; however, caution is always advised in order to ensure the job gets done well and at a reasonable price.



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